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September 25, 2021  

Avoid cybersecurity insurance fraud

How to avoid cybersecurity insurance fraud. If this happens to you, your claim will be denied and you will likely be uninsurable in the future including by other insurance providers.

You have to be working with an extremely operationally mature ITSP with ISOs on staff or you probably will not be able to navigate this complexity.

September 13, 2021  

Why converged NOC and SOC are so critical to security efficacy

Joining Felicia is Rui Lopes, Senior Technical Evangelist at WatchGuard Technologies. Rui was with Panda Security prior to the WatchGuard acquisition and has spent many years merging the technical with customer enablement at a level rarely seen. His efforts at WatchGuard are projects, partner support, and overall customer enablement of using the endpoint protection technology effectively.

When I listened to an interview with Fortinet's CISO regarding converged NOC/SOC, I had to reach to Rui to formalize several conversations we have had over the last 1+ years because we both have seen the need for this strategy for a very long time. 

At QPC, we have been doing converged NOC/SOC since around 2009.

Listen in to hear our breakdown about why this is such a critical strategy in today's threat landscape.


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September 7, 2021  

Act now so your emails will still be deliverable

NDAA 2021 legislation is forcing a gaps closure in SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

This stuff is really complicated. Get some seriously competent help. I don't think most ITSPs (IT service providers) have enough experience in managing this especially in light of the inclusions of marketing automation platforms on root domains.

You cannot be driving a hole with a 20 lb sledgehammer through your email ingress filtration policies in order to accommodate for incompetently configured sender framework on behalf of your senders.

It's time to push back on their incompetence. Get your VISO involved and get policies in place such as ones that IT will not be requested to put holes in security in order to accommodate senders with bad email systems. Instead, letters will go to bad senders to tell them to get their house in order.

You need to get your own house in order in order to make sure that your emails are deliverable. Cybersecurity insurance providers are assessing this information as part of your risk profile.

Salesforce Email Service Used for Phishing Campaign | eSecurityPlanet

For more information on this topic: Email Deliverability- The Titanic Problem Headed Your Way

August 31, 2021  

Gaps in EDR/EPP paradigms and what to do about them

Excellent and invigorating discussion on the gaps in EDR/EPP and what to do about them with Maxime Lamothe-Brassard, founder of LimaCharlie.io and Refraction Point.


  • avoiding tool proliferation
  • avoiding the jedi mind trick of EPP
  • identify gaps in a lot of EDR/EPPs
  • challenges with outsourced SOC
  • supply chain risk in toolset vendors
  • paradigms around security tools and training
August 16, 2021  

Kaseya VSA breach analysis

Why the breach happened and what people could have done to prevent it.

What Kaseya could have done differently.

How to manage supply chain risk when your software vendor is not.

Smart vendors use the experts in their customer base.

People really need to have a major paradigm shift and look seriously at an RMM as being nearly the same as a nuclear launch code.

Kaseya VSA Limited Disclosure | DIVD CSIRT


August 5, 2021  

Parsing out the risk issues associated with cloud technologies

Improper use of cloud and the problems caused by improper pre-planning and risk assessment of improper use of cloud.

Kim Nielsen, founder and President of Computer Technologies, Inc. cti-mi.com joins Felicia to discuss dangers and risk of improper use of cloud hosted technologies.

Business risk vs security risk, must have an exit plan. Dangers of subscriptions.


Huge databases don't belong in the cloud because it is not more secure.


August 5, 2021  

The REAL reason you cannot afford to have a cybersecurity incident

I have been thinking for months about the latest challenges faced by organizations with regards to the increased cybersecurity risks, what is at stake, how unprepared they are, and how the cyber insurance companies are responding to the changing landscape.

As I have had conversations with business decisions makers, they often think that they have little to risk. Many businesses feel that they are not under much if any regulatory framework that requires them to take action. It seems that each week I see another cybersecurity insurance risk assessment questionnaire that nearly every organization will fail. Compliance frameworks are incomplete and horrifically confusing.

There is no compliance framework that will get you the fundamentals. There is no security control framework that tells you how to have effective network layer security. The gap between guidance and successful execution is wide.

It occurs to me that the only real defense for small and medium businesses are organizations like QPC which have virtual information security officers and full remediation services on offer backed by ongoing management. There are plenty of penetration testers or those that will sell you MDR services. Execution of fundamentals is where it is at. There is little value in pursuing the frameworks until you have addressed the fundamentals. After you have the fundamentals in place, then review your status against frameworks and you will probably find that many items have already been addressed.

Regardless, I'm always on the hunt for helping the SMB organization leader. It occurs to me that no matter what data you think you have a risk or don't at risk, there is one thing you don't have which is at risk. Listen to the show to find out the real reason you cannot afford to have a cybersecurity incident.

Updated on 8/8/2021
I saw this great article today on this topic and decided to include it.

The Disturbing Facts About Small Businesses That Get Hacked

I will warn that their documented risk mitigations measures are H.S.


And check out this excellent article on more reasons why you cannot afford to be hacked.

10 Terrifying Cybersecurity Stats | Cybersecurity | CompTIA

August 3, 2021  
August 3, 2021  

Real world examples of small business security compliance problems

Real world examples of small business security compliance problems

Originally aired 5/1/2020

August 3, 2021  

Evaluate your purchases to see if they have UPnP and understand why you should not buy devices that use UPnP technology

Evaluate your purchases to see if they have UPnP and understand why you should not buy devices that use UPnP technology

Update on the Capital one data breach

Adverse business impact and higher fees associated with subscription based software licensing versus perpetual

Originally aired: 7/3/2020

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