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Monday Sep 13, 2021

Joining Felicia is Rui Lopes, Senior Technical Evangelist at WatchGuard Technologies. Rui was with Panda Security prior to the WatchGuard acquisition and has spent many years merging the technical with customer enablement at a level rarely seen. His efforts at WatchGuard are projects, partner support, and overall customer enablement of using the endpoint protection technology effectively.
When I listened to an interview with Fortinet's CISO regarding converged NOC/SOC, I had to reach to Rui to formalize several conversations we have had over the last 1+ years because we both have seen the need for this strategy for a very long time. 
At QPC, we have been doing converged NOC/SOC since around 2009.
Listen in to hear our breakdown about why this is such a critical strategy in today's threat landscape.

Tuesday Aug 31, 2021

Excellent and invigorating discussion on the gaps in EDR/EPP and what to do about them with Maxime Lamothe-Brassard, founder of LimaCharlie.io and Refraction Point.
avoiding tool proliferation
avoiding the jedi mind trick of EPP
identify gaps in a lot of EDR/EPPs
challenges with outsourced SOC
supply chain risk in toolset vendors
paradigms around security tools and training

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