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Thursday Jan 18, 2024

Special guest Tobias Musser of MNS Group generously shares with the Breakfast Bytes audience his wisdom and insight into what is a challenging and nuanced regulatory landscape that has far reaching business implications.
A vigorous discussion of the implications of the latest DoD memo about DFARS 7012 FedRAMP or FedRAMP moderate.
FedRAMP Compliance Challenges and Hybrid Approach
Tobias and Felicia discussed the implications of a DOD memo mandating FedRAMP compliance for all products used by a DOD contractor or subcontractor. They explored the potential challenges, especially for small businesses, and the difficulties in achieving equivalence. They considered the idea of using on-premise solutions as an alternative, but noted the need for specific documentation and careful implementation. Tobias and Felicia also deliberated on the potential benefits of this approach, including the severability benefit of on-premise solutions. They discussed the challenges of finding cost-effective, user-friendly FedRAMP tools, noting their high cost and complexity. They also touched upon the implications of a recent memo that increased the requirements for FedRamp compliance and the potential security issues associated with it. Tobias emphasized the need for increased security to protect soldiers and the country. They concluded that a hybrid approach was necessary, but the current tools were not up to the task.

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