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Monday May 13, 2024

In this episode of Breakfast Bytes with Felicia King, we navigate the complex but crucial realm of cyber security. We explore the emerging menace of supply chain attacks and underscore the vital need for proactive incident response planning. Felicia reveals the staggering average cost of a cyber-attack, per employee and endpoint, and explains why smaller businesses might suffer even greater losses.
King sheds light on the often unnoticed aspect of incident response planning: the critical period between discovering a potential compromise and confirming a successful attack. She also scrutinizes the implications and expenses of in-house response strategies for sizable businesses and outlines how smaller establishments could face heftier costs.
Offering valuable advice, Felicia provides business-centric recommendations on methods of dealing with a reported incident. She addresses important issues such as identifying data breaches and managing downtime during a crisis, stressing the importance of having a contingency plan for extended recovery periods.
Moving on to supply chain risks, King critiques the increasing trend of outsourcing in the IT sector. She cautions against granting upstream providers unrestricted access to systems, noting counterparty risk as an area demanding heightened vigilance. Deeper discussions on access control, audit logs, automated compliance reporting, and other factors in selecting an efficient identity and access management system also unfold.
King further navigates the topic of APIs - the lifeblood of numerous industrial integrations - offering crucial insights into associated risks. She concludes with a call for a mindset shift required to tackle supply chain attacks effectively.
In contemporary threat landscapes, relying solely on the cybersecurity kill chain is a losing battle. This episode underscores the need for encompassing multiple defensive strategies for cybersecurity, such as multi-factor authentication, and conditional access for all accounts. Real-time analytics, endpoint protection strategies, and a zero-trust posture are championed as critical for preventing malicious activities and providing swift threat responses.
We delve into the pros and cons of network layer security, a powerful yet complex technique requiring specific expertise. When appropriately utilized, it presents a scalable solution managing traffic filtering and robust protection from supply chain attacks. The episode concludes with the importance of having a solid incident response plan as a vital proactivity measure in cybersecurity.

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